Kito Akari 1st Album "STYLE" Limited Edition (CD+BD+PHOTOBOOK) No.1

Kito Akari 1st Album "STYLE" Limited Edition (CD+BD+PHOTOBOOK)

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[Product Details]
Kito Akari 1st Album "STYLE" Limited Edition (CD+BD+PHOTOBOOK)
PCCG-01900 / base price¥4,500
Photo Book

[CD Contents]
1.Drawing a Wish
3.Desire Again
4.Fly-High-Five !
5.Star Arc
6.Always Going My Way
7.23ji no Shunrai Shojo
8.Dear My Distance
9.Crazy Rock Night
11.Swinging Heart
12.Kimi no Hana wo Inorou
13.Tiny Light

[BD Contents]
1.23ji no Shunrai Shojo MV
2.23ji no Shunrai Shojo jacket and MV making
3.1st Single Swinging Heart MV
4.1st Single Swinging Heart release event backstage footage
5.2nd Single Desire Again MV
6.2nd Single Desire Again release event backstage footage

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