KUJIRAGI 1st Album "Reimei" Limited Edition (CD+DVD) Release on April 3rd, 2024 No.1

KUJIRAGI 1st Album "Reimei" Limited Edition (CD+DVD) Release on April 3rd, 2024

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Exciting News: Debut Album Coming Soon!

A uniquely clear voice that stretches into infinity
A panorama world of the intertwining darkness and light that buzzes in the night

[Product Details]
Embark on a musical journey embodying the working vocalist 'KUJIRAGI' in their first-ever album.

This first album explores the theme of 'night' and 'time,' where modern individuals, worn out by life, can truly be themselves. Featuring original compositions by popular artists like Niru Kudamomo, Nanahoshi Orchestra, A4., FLG4, Shota Horie, and Hiroki Oshiba (Moja). All tracks are exclusively written for this album.

Themed around the concept of finding authenticity in the "night" and "time" for tired modern individuals, the album features exclusively composed tracks by renowned artists including Niru Kajitsu, Nanahoshi Orchestra, A4。, FLG4, Shota Horie, and HIROKI OSHIBA(MOJA). All songs are crafted specifically for this debut release.


[CD Contents (planned)]
Expecting a lineup of 12 tracks
*Contents may be subject to change.

[DVD Contents (planned)]
- ”Hana ni natte" Music Video
- "Panorama" Music Video
- "TOXI!" Music Video
- KUJIRAGI's Holidays, looking back on the process of the album production

Original Cigar Case

*Contents may be subject to change.

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