【PRELUDERS】"I'm a HERO(High Five)" (CD only) Release on June 29th, 2022 No.1

【PRELUDERS】"I'm a HERO(High Five)" (CD only) Release on June 29th, 2022


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Voice Actor x Hero x Music! New project "PRELUDERS" has started!
A new generation of hero contents with "songs" and "voice dramas" by a cast of splendid voice actors!

There is more than one way to be a hero.
There are as many heroes as there are people.
This is a story of young people with power and ambition, each striving to become a hero in his or her own way.

[Product Details]
【PRELUDERS】"I'm a HERO(High Five)"(CD only)
Release on June 29th, 2022
PCCG-02143/ base price¥2,200

Newly illustrated sleeve case specification

[CD Contents]
1.I'm a HERO(High Five)
2.運命共同体のうた(High Five)
3.Voice Drama Chapter 2 "交叉"(Cross)

*Contents are subject to change without notice.

★High Five 
Morito Asuka(CV.Enoki Junya) / Nakamitsu Shun(CV.Suzuki Ryota)
Haruma Minato(CV.Iwasaki Ryota) / Kashiwagi Sera(CV.Horie Shun)

Kujikami Ko(CV.Uchida Yuma) / Misumi Chikage(CV.Ito Kent)
Rando Ayumu(CV.Nishiyama Koutaro) / Karasuma Kota(CV.Amasaki Kohei)

★Vice Versa
Tendo Rei(CV.Tamaru Atsushi)
Rin(CV.Asanuma Shintaro)

PRELUDERS Official Site
PRELUDERS Official YouTube
PRELUDERS Official Twitter

Shipment from 29th June 2022. Actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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