Qun Qun 2nd Photo Book (Taiwan Version) Normal Edition Shipment from late March No.1
Qun Qun 2nd Photo Book (Taiwan Version) Normal Edition Shipment from late March No.2
Qun Qun 2nd Photo Book (Taiwan Version) Normal Edition Shipment from late March No.3

Qun Qun 2nd Photo Book (Taiwan Version) Normal Edition Shipment from late March

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通常版(初心版)Qun Qun 2nd Photo Book (Taiwan Version) Normal Edition
SCZP-95013/base price ¥2800
・写真集/Photo Book
・ポスター(初心版)/Poster A
Cool and sexy other cut!
・初版限定 チュンチュンコラボ試香紙/Qun Qun Collaboration Incense paper
Special bonus for the first edition only.
You can enjoy Qun Qun's favorite scent when you open the package.

“QUNing” is the second photo book in about two and a half years, featuring Qun Qun's innocent childlike smile and surprisingly feminine gestures.
In this second book, Taiwanese actress and photographer, Allison Lin, uses her unique sensibilities and perspective to capture Qun Qun’s (a popular star in the Taiwanese cheerleading world) newfound charm in her 30s.

Photographer: Allison Lin
Published by PONY CANYON Taiwan

This is the official import version of the photo book published in Taiwan.
Following the release of her first photo book, a Japanese version will be released in early summer! Details to be announced later!

Message from Qun Qun
As I enter my thirties, I feel like I have embarked on another new journey.
The path I've taken so far has been filled with happy, sad, joyful, and sometimes disappointing moments, and the process of growing each time has led me to where I am today.
That's why I wanted to document the process of changing from a girl to a woman through this photo book. I wanted to leave behind my innocent side and show you all the different sides of me.
I will never forget my original goals and my initial intentions, which were to face many challenges with longing and passion on that day's stage.
I will never forget my simple beauty and hope for the future and continue to make efforts on this unfinished journey.

Qun Qun’s Profile
She is a popular member of the "Passion Sisters," a cheerleading group for the Taiwanese professional baseball team, the CITIC Brothers.
Originally, she appeared in several Taiwanese variety shows but changed careers once to a beauty salon without any notable success. Later, in 2016, she officially joined Passion Sisters.
When a fan filmed her dancing as a cheerleader and showed it on a video-sharing website, she became the talk of the town with her angelic face and magical style, and she was quickly picked up by major Taiwanese media and became known throughout Taiwan. Her natural and friendly character attracts many people, and she has many fans in Japan as well.
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Publisher: 日商波麗佳音有限股份公司(PONY CANYON Taiwan)
Distributor: PONYCANYON

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