cluppo “hatofull” release on March 9th,2022 No.1
cluppo “hatofull” release on March 9th,2022 No.2
cluppo “hatofull” release on March 9th,2022 No.3

cluppo “hatofull” release on March 9th,2022

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cluppo “hatofull” release on March 9th,2022
PCCA-06114/base price ¥2000
*CD contents are subject to change.

BAND-MAID Miku Kobato's (Gt/Vo) solo project "cluppo" will release EP "hatofull" on March 9 (Miku's day)!

The solo project of Miku Kobato (Gt/Vo), who created BAND-MAID, is called "cluppo". The new genre of music she has created is "HIPPIE-POPPO". cluppo reinterprets the good old 70's and plays lovely and peaceful music.
It contains 6 songs including "PEACE&LOVE" and "Flapping wings".

[Special Bonus]
A5 file folder[Type-F]
*First come, first serve.
*Bonus available while supplies last.

[CD Contents]
2. POGO!
3. Flapping wings
4. ふわふわ
5. voice
6. スーパースター
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