Amatsuka Uto CD "UTOPIA" Normal edition (CD only) release on December15th,2021 No.1
Amatsuka Uto CD "UTOPIA" Normal edition (CD only) release on December15th,2021 No.2
Amatsuka Uto CD "UTOPIA" Normal edition (CD only) release on December15th,2021 No.3

Amatsuka Uto CD "UTOPIA" Normal edition (CD only) release on December15th,2021

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“For you following your dream—"

UTOPIA, the first original mainstream album by Vtuber Amatsuka Uto!
To be released soon!

1st album
Amatsuka Uto

2021.12.15 Release

Normal edition (CD only)
JPY 3,000


New songs written for the album
・ “Yumega Yumeja Nakunaru-made” by OSTER Project
・ “Self Control” by Crusher
Includes other tracks by popular artists such as KOTONOHOUSE, nyankobrq, and Camellia, as well as the first song with lyrics written by Amatsuka Uto herself!

Cover songs
Amatsuka Uto sings from the bottom of her heart
covers of selected Japanese songs popular with overseas fans!
A total of 10 tracks including those written specifically for the album!

Exclusive giveaway with international purchases from PONY CANYON SHOP
A letter from Amatsuka Uto (replicated handwritten message)

*Available only while supplies last.
*The actual designs may differ from the images.


UTOPIA by Amatsuka Uto
Online chat release event

With your purchase of UTOPIA by Amatsuka Uto to be released on December 15, 2021, you will receive an application ticket to participate in the online chat release event.
The winners chosen by random drawing will be invited to participate in the online chat with Amatsuka Uto.
Please check the enclosed application ticket for details before sending your application.

Application period: December 14, 2021 (Tue) to 23:59(JST) on January 9, 2022 (Sun)
Announcement of winners: January 14, 2022 (Fri)
Date of event: January 30, 2022 (Sun) *3 chat sessions

*One application per one serial number on the application ticket
*Multiple applications will be accepted.
*One winner may only participate in one chat session out of the three.
*Due to local delivery conditions, products may not be delivered in time before the application deadline.
*Depending on the area, you may not be able to connect online.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.
Please note that the event may be changed, delayed, or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19, natural disasters, accidents, and communication failure, in which case an announcement will be made on the official website.
Scheduled to begin shipping in the middle of December, 2021. The actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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