【LIMITED QUANTITY】Matsubara Miki "POCKET PARK" LP Color Vinyl Release on November 27th, 2021 No.1

【LIMITED QUANTITY】Matsubara Miki "POCKET PARK" LP Color Vinyl Release on November 27th, 2021

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City pop icon Miki Matsubara's debut single ‘Mayonaka no Door ~ Stay With Me’ and her first album ‘POCKET PARK’ will be reissued in Color Vinyl on November 27th,2021!
The debut single by Miki Matsubara, a representative of city pop music, which reached No. 1 on the Spotify Global Viral Chart for 20 consecutive days, will be reissued in a limited number of Color Vinyl (Clear Blue) on November 27, 2021. The original was released on November 5, 1979. The song was a huge hit with her high singing ability and won numerous awards for newcomers at the time. The song is a perfect combination of Yoshiko Miura's lyrics, which beautifully depict a sad woman's heart with an urban sense, and Tetsuji Hayashi's melody, which is reminiscent of Western music. The stylish and danceable arrangement of the track, with top musicians pouring their top-notch skills into it, has been covered by many artists in Japan and abroad, and has spread all over the world.

Miki Matsubara's debut album, which includes the album version of ‘Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me’ will also be reissued in a limited Color Vinyl (Aqua Blue)! A special poster is enclosed. The original album was released on January 21, 1980. A city pop classic with dazzling songs by top musicians. ‘It's So Creamy’ features Miki Matsubara's vocals that seem to melt into the AOR sound that feels like a fresh breeze. The funky rhythm section that starts with sharp guitar cutting and the thick, danceable brass section intertwines in ‘Cryin'’, and the powerful vocals are mesmerizing. On ‘Trouble Maker’ she shouts out over a huge swell of rock beats, showing the world that she has a versatility that is hard to believe for a 19-year-old.

Both items are available in a limited number of Color Vinyl, so be sure to pre-order as soon as possible!

[LP Color Vinyl (Aqua Blue)]
Release: November 27th,2021
Artist: Miki Matsubara
Album Title: POCKET PARK
Price: ¥4,000
Product number: PCJA-00093
Side A 
1 Mayonaka no Door ~ stay with me
2 It's So Creamy
3 Cryin'
4 That's All
5 His Woman

Side B
1 Manhattan Wind
2 Ai wa Energy
3 Soushite Watashi ga
4 Trouble Maker
5 Mind Game
6 Itsuwari no Nai Hibi

Participating musicians: Hiroshi Shibui (Key),
Akira Inoue(Key),
Tsugutoshi Goto (EB), Tatsuo Hayashi (Dr),
Masaki Matsubara (EG), Tsuyoshi Kon(EG),
Fujimaru Yoshino(EG), Shin Kazuhara(Tp)
and Jake H. Concepcion (Sax) and others

[Official Lyric Video]
Shipment from November27th, 2021.Actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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