toku "bouquet" Normal edition(CD only) Release on June16th 2021 No.1

toku "bouquet" Normal edition(CD only) Release on June16th 2021

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toku "bouquet" Normal edition(CD only)
PCCA-06043/base price ¥3,000
*Album contents are subject to change.

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A4 file folder with toku's illustration (Normal Edition Ver.)
*First come, first serve.
*Bonus available while supplies last.

This is toku's first solo album since his debut as GARNiDELiA in 2014.
Not only has toku produced the sound for GARNiDELiA, but he has also produced numerous artists.
The way he creates new harmonies with guest vocalists and sublimates them into unique songs is like a florist making a bouquet of flowers just for that person.
"Bouquet" is a story of ten different colors spun by the thoughts and feelings that go into the names of each flower.

The album contains 10 songs produced by toku.
Participating artists (in alphabetical order)
atsuko (angela)、井口裕香、石原夏織、神田沙也加、鈴木このみ、竹達彩奈、中島愛、一青窈、三森すずこ、やなぎなぎ
Shipment from June16th, 2021. Actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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