OxT 2nd Album “REUNION” Limited Edition (CD+DVD) No.1

OxT 2nd Album “REUNION” Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

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[Product Details]OxT 2nd Album “REUNION” Limited Edition (CD+DVD)
PCCG-01917 / base price¥4,500

Box Case

[CD Contents]
1. Overture
2. Union
3. Kodou escalation (OxT Ver.)
4. Chance! (OxT Ver.)
5. Tears of a Genius (Ballad Ver.)
6. O vs T #2
7. Number One (New Mix Ver.)
8. Be the Best ! Be the Blue ! (Album Ver.)
9. Home Ground
10. Reunion
11. Motto Kimi wo Shireba
12. Golden After School
13. Everlasting Dream

[DVD Contents]
1. Go EXCEED!!
2. Clattanoia
*DVD Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt

Official Site http://www.oxt-music.com/

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