ACTORS☆LEAGUE 2021 (CD+Blu-ray) release on December 15th,2021 No.1

ACTORS☆LEAGUE 2021 (CD+Blu-ray) release on December 15th,2021

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PCCA-06092/base price ¥2273

[CD Contents]
M1. L・A・S・T
M2. B.W. Anthem
M3. D.B. Go For It
M4. L・A・S・T (Instrumental)
M5. B.W. Anthem (Instrumental)
M6. D.B. Go For It (Instrumental)
Special Track L・A・S・T 城田 優 Ver.

[Blu-ray Contents] 
「B.W. Anthem 」Music Video
「D.B. Go For It」Music Video
「 L・A・S・T」Music Video

Privilege 1: Lottery ticket to participate in the online talk event "ACTORS☆LEAGUE 2021 Extension Game
Privilege 2: ACTORS☆LEAGUE 2021 player directory movie card (randomly enclosed / total 30

黒羽 麻璃央、有澤 樟太郎、井阪 郁巳、岡宮 来夢、小西 詠斗、近藤 頌利、笹森 裕貴、章平、田中 涼星、西川 俊介、橋本 祥平、平野 宏周、廣野 凌大、松田 凌、八木 将康

和田 琢磨、和田 雅成、石橋 弘毅、岩瀬 恒輝、上田 堪大、上田 悠介、大見 拓土、北川 尚弥、北園 涼、小南 光司、椎名 鯛造、鳥越 裕貴、松井 勇歩、結城 伽寿也、横山 真史

The first collection of cheering songs from the ACTORS☆LEAGUE, a group of very popular actors who love baseball, will be released!

I want to share the fun and excitement of live entertainment
with the audience in a place where the young actors who will lead the next generation can shine,
even in the face of the COVID-19 disaster!

That's why actor Mario Kuroba planned and produced this event.
Yu Shirota, Ikusaburo Yamazaki, Matsuya Onoe, Takuma Wada, Masanari Wada,
and other members of the two teams, BLACK WINGS, captained by Mario Kuroba,
and DIAMOND BEARS, captained by Takuma Wada, as well as guest commentators,
Yoshihiko Aramaki and Ryuji Sato, participated in the event.
In addition, Yoshihiko Aramaki and Ryuji Sato participated as guest commentators,
bringing the total number of participants to 37!

On July 20th, "ACTORS☆LEAGUE 2021" was held at the Tokyo Dome,
which has been the venue for baseball games, concerts,
and theater events that have brought many audiences into a frenzy.
The dream match between the BLACK WINGS, led by Director Ikusaburo Yamazaki
and Captain Mario Kuroba, and the DIAMOND BEARS,
led by Director Matsuya Onoe and Captain Takuma Wada, was realized.
The actors, who are skilled in singing and dancing, will not only play baseball games
but also give various performances to fascinate the audience,
creating the ultimate entertainment show to energize today's Japan.

In commemoration of the "ACTORS☆LEAGUE 2021", the theme song "L.A.S.T.",
written and composed by Yu Shirota, the commissioner of the tournament,
is magnificent, dramatic and exhilarating. team song), "D.B. Go For It" (DIAMOND BEARS team song),
and "L.A.S.T." which consists of the recording, and the music videos of "B.W. Anthem"
and "D.B. Go For It" which consists of the highlights of both teams.
A 2-disc EP will be released with a special Blu-ray containing music videos.
Shipment from December 15th, 2021. The actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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