Fishmans "BLUE SUMMER" ~Selected Tracks 1991-1995~ (Vinyl) 2-disc set No.1

Fishmans "BLUE SUMMER" ~Selected Tracks 1991-1995~ (Vinyl) 2-disc set

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Kin-ichi Motegi as an original band member and the current drummer of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra selected from earlier Albums for this best vinyl compilation.
Remastered with high-resolution audio in 2016. Cutting engineer: Toru Kotetsu

1.Go Go Round This World![from ”Go Go Round This World!”] 
2.MELODY[from ”ORANGE”] 
3.Just Thing[from ”Neo Yankees’ Holiday”] 
4.Nantettano[from ”King Master George”]

1.Hikouki [from ”Chappie, Don’t Cry”] 
2.Sizukana Asa[from ”MELODY”] 
3.Smilin’Days, Summer Holiday(kick the space echo session)[from ”Go Go Round This World!”]

1.Blue Summer[from ”Oh! Mountain”] 
2.Ano Ko ga Nemuxtuteru[from ”Corduroy’s Mood”] 
3.Kannsha[from ”ORANGE”]

1.Tayorinai Tenshi[from ”King Master George”] 
2.Ikareta Baby(Glittering rewinder mix)[from ”Neo Yankees’ Holiday”] 
3.Future[from ”Chappie, Don’t Cry”]
Shipment from the end of July.

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