Tsunagare Radio 〜Bokura no Amefuri Days〜DVD release on Aug18th 2021 No.1

Tsunagare Radio 〜Bokura no Amefuri Days〜DVD release on Aug18th 2021

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Films dedicated to all young people and (former) young people.
A springtime playlist presented by "complicated" boys!

All Night Nippon i "Oshabeya" is a web radio show featuring handsome young actors who are active in movies, dramas, and stage performances.
The popular program by ten of the program's personalities has been turned into an original story and made into a movie!

The cast consists of 10 actors, including Nishime Shun (Masked Rider Ghost) and Iijima Hiroki(Masked Rider Ex-Aid).
The highlight of the film is the song sung by the cast, which is a "modern version" cover of a 90's J-Pop song.

This film was released in theaters nationwide on February 11, 2021.
A video package containing the full-length version of "Tsunagare Radio ~Bokura no Amefuri Days~" is now available!

西銘駿 飯島寛騎 
阿久津仁愛 井阪郁巳 橋本祥平 深澤大河 
ゆうたろう 板垣李光人 立石俊樹 醍醐虎汰朗 
/ 田中真弓(特別出演) / イッセー尾形

監督:川野浩司  脚本:藤咲淳一 音楽:成田旬 
撮影監督:福本淳  照明:市川徳充  美術:五辻圭  装飾:林杏奈 
録音:西山徹  整音:藤島敬弘  音響効果:小島彩  
助監督:吉田和弘  制作担当:星野友紀 
主題歌:「Message ~ツナガレイノチ~」PARED(ポニーキャニオン) 
制作プロダクション:ポニーキャニオン 制作協力ブースタープロジェクト 

"Tsunagare Radio ~Bokura no Amefuri Days~"Main Video
"Tsunagare Radio ~Bokura no Amefuri Days~"Special Feature A

Shipment from Aug 18th, 2021. The actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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