Happy End Vinyl Reissue Series "Happy End" No.1

Happy End Vinyl Reissue Series "Happy End"

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[Product Details]
*First release in the URC (Underground Record Club) Vinyl Reissue Series
*Deluxe reissue of the 1970 debut album from the legendary Happy End (Haruomi Hosono / Eiichi Otaki / Takashi Matsumoto / Shigeru Suzuki)
*Half speed cutting remastering at Metropolis Studio in London
*Features Japanese obi strip and lyrics insert

[Vinyl Contents]
01 Haru Yo Koi
02 Kakurenbo
03 Shin Shin Shin
04 Tobenai Sora
05 Teki Thanatos Wo Souki Seyo
06 Ayaka-Shi No Doubutsu-En
07 Juuni Gatsu No Ame No Hi
08 Ira Ira
09 Asa
10 Happy End
11 Zoku Happy End
Shipment from late January, 2021. Actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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