luz 2nd single  “Rose” Limited Edition(CD+DVD)Release in January 27th 2021 No.1

luz 2nd single “Rose” Limited Edition(CD+DVD)Release in January 27th 2021

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"je vois la vie en rose!" Decay with Love

Luz will release his 2nd single “Rose” on January 27th 2021, after almost two and a half years.
This new single features luz's first song "Rose" as the lead and up-and-coming arranger kenkaiyosi.
The jacket is newly shot for this single.

[Product Details]
“Rose” Limited Edition(CD+DVD)
PCCA-04998 / base price¥1,800

【Enclosed Benefits】
Online Event "Rose" Release Commemorative Online Signing Session "Just the Two of You" Lottery Ticket
* Limited quantity only.
*For more information, please check the release event information below

[CD Content]
4tracks included
01.Rose (Songwriter/Composer) luz
02.Thorn (Songwriter/Composer) luz
03.Ivylast (Songwriter/Composer) kenkaiyosi
04.Rose (Instrumental)
All Arrangements by kenkaiyosi
* Single contents are subject to change.

[DVD Content]
01.“Rose”Music Video (luz main ver.)
02.The road to the prince of white horse" luz 10th anniversary project
*DVD contents are subject to change.
*DVD Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt

◆Release Event Information
Online Signing Session for "Rose" Release Event "Just the Two of You"
For customers who purchase "Rose", which will be released on January 27, 2021
Those who apply during the qualifying period will be selected in a drawing for a one-on-one online signing session with the winner.
For more information, please refer to the official website (updated as needed) and the registration ticket enclosed in the product.
Please make sure to apply.

*Due to local delivery conditions, products may not be delivered in time before the entry deadline.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

*Depending on the area, you may not be able to connect online.
If you are not able to connect online on the date and time of the event you have won, you will not be able to participate.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.

He is a male artist from the social music scene.
His past CD releases (3 albums and 1 single) have all charted in the Oricon Top 10.
He currently has 770,000 Twitter followers and over 510,000 YouTube channel subscribers.

He is also active as the creator unit Royal Scandal, which he formed with RAHWIA, a painter and animator, and VOCALOON P's Soun69. In addition, "XYZ TOUR", a live event started in 2015, which luz was involved in planning, has gradually expanded its scale of events and has developed into such a popular event that it will finally be held in Yokohama Arena in September 2019.
※Oricon:Music and Video Software Sales Ranking in Japan

Official site
Shipment from January 27th, 2021. Actual delivery date will slightly vary depending on the region.

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